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Save money by only paying for the work you need. Freelancers cost a fraction of a full-time employee.

Businesses that blog attract 50% more web traffic. That means more leads, subscriptions and sales. 

Get the perspective of someone on the outside. A fresh pair of eyes can see things the way your customers do. 

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Chicago freelance writer for hire. Freelancer. Copywriter. Technical writer. Vegan blogger. Blogger. Journalist. Article writer. SEO. B2B. Ben Durham. Benjamin Durham. B.A. Durham. badurham. writers. Chicago writers. 

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I am a Certified Professional Technical Communicator (CPTC), freelance writer, and content strategist. I specialize in SEO-focused blog posts, grant writing, technical writing, and more. My background is in science (engineering, robotics, and physics), education, and vegan-lifestyle. I am the blogger for DIY-Robotics and a regular contributor to Genetics Illustrated and Tenderly Magazine, an online vegan-based news forum on Medium.

I can help you with any writing task, from marketing to reports to direct mail. Your audience requires a writer who can speak directly to them, and my writing is versatile and customizable to any audience. I can help you write to C-level employees or the yet-to-be-informed public. Thanks to my background in education, I am adept at communicating with a diverse range of audiences. 

I serve as the treasurer and a leadership member for the Society of Technical Communication, and up until recently, I was a board member of the Independent Writers of Chicago. I am also featured in this showcase article by APMG International

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I offer expert writing for the following:

  • Grants

  • Brochures

  • Handbooks

  • Educational or Training Manuals

  • Instructional Booklets

  • Sales Collateral

  • Web copy

  • And more! Just ask!

All prices are based on the recommendations of the 2020 Writer's Market. 


Nachum Kligmans, CEO at Book Like A Boss

Every SaaS company needs a good, consistent, and creative copywriter. We were super lucky to find Ben to write unique content for blog posts and lead generators. Always on time and always great, we look forward to working with Ben for many years into the future.



Valerie Girouard, Business Development Manager at DIY-Robotics

I've had the chance to work with Benjamin for over a year now and am very happy to have an ongoing contract with him. He is very committed to delivering excellent work and shows a lot of flexbility and interest in creating great content for our website. I highly recommend Benjamin for any technical  writing project!


Josh Whitaker, Content Manager for Genetics Illustrated

Great to work with! Beautiful writing style and extremely knowledgeable in the sciences. Quick turnaround and very responsive. Will hire again!